Who we are

The Disability Communications Fund (DCF) is the grantmaking operation within the California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF).

We are the only funder in California that is solely dedicated to the communication needs of people with disabilities. We don’t focus on anything else, so we can develop deep knowledge of this field and how to best support it.

Our experience in providing access to communications for people with disabilities in California means that we know which solutions will work.

What grantees say about us

“ Disability Communications Fund (DCF) is really the only funder funding in this area.” 

 “Grant process is very clear. Staff is extremely responsive. They also communicate frequently and clearly. Report requirements are clear. Collaboration is encouraged.”

“We are thoroughly impressed with the clarity and ease of communication with CCAF/DCF. The staff are all accessible and guidelines are direct and clear.” 

“DCF has been a great grant partner - supportive and collaborative yet also providing grantees space to use funds as needed to accomplish mission goals.”

Our Board of Directors

DCF’s Board of Director consists of dedicated individuals that have strong ties in the disability community. 

  • Barry Saudan, President & CEO 
  • James Gilroy, Chair
  • Matt Grager, Vice Chair
  • David McClure, Treasurer
  • Charlotte Harper, Secretary
  • Lois Jean Brady, Director
  • LaVal Brewer, Director
  • Mariano Diaz, Director
  • Jesus Gonzalez, Director 
  • Dr. Philip Prinz, Director
  • Walter Raineri, Director
  • Sarah Slaughter, Director

Our Goals

  1. DCF will promote the expansion of quality communications access programs and services to individuals with disabilities. 
  2. DCF will strengthen the sector of providers of communications access for people with disabilities. 
  3. DCF will educate other grant makers about the communications access needs of people with disabilities.

Find us

For more information about our DCF, check out our profile on FoundationCenter.org [access to details for public charities with subscription only] and GuideStar.

James Gilroy, Chair